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The residential market in international major cities is fierce and affordable residential property is increasingly scarce. Being a young person without a fully-established income and without the possibility to look for a place to live on-location, one has a difficult chance to find a comfortable accomodation in one's city of dreams.

Founded in August 2012, Berlin-headquartered Medici Living GmbH currently organizes a continuously growing collection of flat sharings in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Los Angeles, and Shanghai. These centrally located flats provide completely furnished rooms. All flats provide a well-equipped community-kitchen as well as a washing machine. All additional costs such as electricity and Internet are included in the monthly rent. This way, young natives and foreigners are able to find a quick and unbureaucratic place to live for the duration of their chosen stay.

Particularly generous and appealing: the period of notice for the tenant is only one month. Rental contracts are not necessarily with a fixed term, which lets the tenant be flexible and independent as to when they want to move out.

To make the new resident’s start in a new city as easy and comfortable as possible, Medici Living also provides exclusive discount benefits with partner companies such as the car-sharing provider “DriveNow”.

Our vision

Continuous increasing urban sprawl as well as ascending population pressure resulting from ongoing globalization leads to an unavoidable shortage of living space in the city centers of metropolises. This social development has a particular influence on young people, who wish to move to desirable cities to study, for internships, or their entry into the workforce.

This is why Medici Living GmbH has made it its goal to provide these young people with affordable living spaces in popular areas of major international cities and with it, to promote the cultural exchange from around the world.

With the use of an efficient concept of living space as well as the integration of strong cooperation partners, we will form a fast connection – social as well as infrastructural. Under the concept of “social living” we will initiate a trend that perfectly adapts the current environment and the needs of young and flexible people, offering a strong additional benefit for society.

We are excited that you will follow this vision with us thereby allowing other young people to have this chance in beginning their new lives.

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